Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to Sub Pop Haiku

Sub Pop Haiku
by Brendan McGuinness Stout

Everyday, we fail to recognize or miss (dismiss) the vignettes of life that are most important. For me, writing Haiku helps to provide a focused examination of life – of mine and those around me – and of the world we live in.

The act of sharing Haiku, a key aspect to its purpose, provides insight to daily experiences that may otherwise go unnoticed. The reader is given a brand new perspective, hopefully enriching their lives.

The simplicity of Haiku poetry is deceptive. Seemingly innocuous events or thoughts may in fact, after examination, reveal a deeper truth, possibly changing a persons perceptions and actions. In this respect, Haiku can be a powerful medium for change.

My poetry is comprised of four individual Haiku poems strung together creating what may be considered “modified" Renga. The form specification calls for each Haiku poem to reference a “Kigo”, or season, and the seasons must follow in order from the first Haiku poem. I hope that my poetry enriches the lives of those who read it by shedding light on those little miracles that happen in everyday life.


Life and Lemonade

- Awake
Living is easy,
In the dog days of summer...
The truth for some.

- Tiredness
Shrouded in fatigue,
Life is full of twists and turns...
Decisions abound.

- Sleep
Death is a release,
Mortals have the luxury...
Free will rules the day.

- Rejoice
Frustration subsides,
The ebb tide reveals new life...
Wounds begin to heal.

.....Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Friday, January 15, 2010

The King

- Birth
Non-violent protest,
Southern winds blind with hatred...
Through tears, truth is seen.

- Passion
A man dreams of peace,
Righteous in his convictions...
Empowered by speech.

- Death
Lorraine whispers death,
Purple Iris in full bloom...
The promised land calls.

- Dream
Passions ignited,
By presidential decree...
A dream remembered.

.....Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Deja Vous

- Premonition
A mirage foreseen,
Glimpsed in my rear-view mirror...
Closer than perceived.

- Envisioned
I've seen you before,
In silhouette, confident...
Waiting for someone.

- Remembered
Picking at a thread,
Not quite a memory, but...
Still in my conscious.

- Forgotten
Returning often,
To the day I first saw you...
Like in a vision.

.....Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cup of Joe

- First Cup
Brew, Plunge, Percolate,
Morning ritual observed...
Elixir of life.

- Single-Shot
Caf, Half-Caf, De-Caf,
Espresso, mocha, latte...
Steamed milk, not too hot.

- Americano
Tall, Grande, Venti,
Served up with whipped cream on top...
Large drip coffee, please.

- Last Drop
Naked Baristas,
Delight drive-thru customers...
Don't forget to tip.

.....Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bus Stop

- Hurry
Harried distraction,
Memory of sleep, like dreams...
An elusive muse.

- Inkwell
Daylight hesitates,
Unseen footsteps approaching...
A brief loneliness.

- Relief
Vague faces appear,
Through fog thick as musslin cloth...
Despair turns to hope.

- Freedom
Expectant silence,
While the huddled masses wait...
Steam drifts on warm breath.

.....Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Going to sea

- Underway
Batten down hatches,
Engine order telegraph...
Clangs full steam ahead.

- Crossing The Bar
Gray sky’s foreboding,
Waves crashing over the bow...
The steal womb shudders.

- Making Way
The days grow longer,
As gulls climb on the fresh breeze...
Betwixt and between.

- Arrival
Red, right, returning,
Tugs hasten our arrival...
Heaving lines are thrown.

...(fall, winter, spring, summer)